Gail Rogers, a lung cancer patient, had surgery removing her right upper lung lobe and four months of chemotherapy followed. Treatment sessions could be long.  

“For some patients, that could mean something as simple as knitting or reading a book.  For others, it could also mean pulling out an iPad.”

The iPads were gifts to Clearview Cancer Treatment Center and their patients from the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega at UAH.  

Each year the fraternity puts on an event to raise money in honor of a fraternity brother, Paul Salmon, who passed away several years ago.  

“We’ve kind of reveled in an atmosphere of philanthropy at UAH for the past couple of years and ever since we were founded,” said Matthew Watts.  “And it has always been important to us because we are in Huntsville and Paul was treated at a local cancer facility and so anything we can really give back to the local cancer facility and especially Russell Hill is very important to us.”

Jordan Guyse is also a junior and member of the fraternity 

“Well, last years event we raised $20,000. And that went to purchase I think over 100 iPads for patients to use during radiation and chemotherapy,” said Guyse.

The guys gave Rogers a quick lesson and she learned some things about the iPads.   

“In addition to the standard iPad functions, CCI has downloaded puzzles and games and many magazines so that increases the things that the patient can do,” said Rogers.

Dr. Marshall Schreeder specializes in oncology and hematology at the Cancer Treatment Center and is familiar with the fraternity. 

“We don’t need to worry with kids like this around. They are fantastic,” said Schreeder.

Schreeder said a patient’s mindset is very important in their struggle with cancer and gifts like this help.    

“It has to come from within. So their frame of mind or how they approach their lives is very important to how they live their life.  And how they fight for that life,” said Schreeder.

Rogers said it is simple.  

“In a nutshell,it just makes the time go faster if you’re occupied. If you’re just sitting there twiddling your thumbs, you are pretty bored,” said Rogers.

A much-needed gift which can be used over and over again.